Monday, February 18, 2008

Manhunt helps boys stay on the farm

The Internet has revolutionized how gay men find sex partners. The net has several social sites where guys can hook up with other guys, and they usually aren't hooking up to play cards or visit the opera, although the latter is more likely than the former.

The site I use (fairly often) is I like it better than its arch-competitor, Manhunt is a convenient and useful site that quickly brokers a sexual transaction. Men4SexNow seems to be a little clunkier in its navigation, and it isn't as snappy as Manhunt. Both sites, however, get me results. So I keep coming back.

I'm pretty sure Gay men have more sex with more partners than most straight men. Sexual pleasure is a positive value for most Gay men, and Gay men will live in areas where they have better opportunities for expression of Gay sex. Certainly with tools like the social web sites, it is easier to hook up with men in a geographical area. Furthermore, it can be done without having to go to a bar or a park or rest stop, all of which could entail a degree of personal risk and danger.

These social web site have also made it possible for men in rural or socially conservative areas to find sexual partners, as well. In the long term this may enable gay men to find companionship and sexual outlets where they live rather than having to move to often distant urban centers. Gay people may find their home at home, which could stem the trend of gay men moving to the big city - a trend that has been going strong since the end of World War II.

Sometimes, technology can take us back to the farm, to the towns we loved but felt we had to leave. Maybe the day will come soon when gay men can find community in their communities.