Monday, February 26, 2007

I Don't Have Enough Time, So I'm Writing in Here

I'm leaving for St. Vincent and the Grenadines day after tomorrow. I have to pack. I have some last minute errands. I've been anticipating this trip for quite some time, and I should be frantic (I am, inside my head), but instead I'm writing in my blog. I think that's my response to confronting the inevitable. I'll be writing in here on April 14, too.

Eight of us have chartered a catamaran for 10 days in the sunny Caribbean. This will be my third trip to that part of the world. It gives me time to lay in the sun, read some books, do some hiking and snorkeling, and veg out, too.

This weekend has been a whirl. I've spent far too much time working on one of my web sites. Also, on Saturday evening, Ron and I went to a Gay Men's Chorus concert featuring Fauré's Requiem. Probably it is not my cuppa, but I enjoyed it and some of the very spirited Gay National Anthems sung at the end of the concert. I'm definitely culturally challenged, as a gay man. Bad Education!

Last night Ron and I watched Quinceañera, a very sweet film about a young pregnant girl and her gay cousin. It's a good tale, worth an evening snuggled up with your honey watching Netflix®.