Friday, May 4, 2007

I Sent My Quilt Home

Many years ago, I designed a quilt, and my wife (at the time) pieced and quilted the design. We named it the Pythagorean quilt, because the design was based on the Pythagorean theorem. It's basically a Road quilt, particularly so because of the way Susan selected colors, then quilted it - a beautiful quilt.

When Susan and I divorced, I got custody of the quilt. I've had it for twenty-five years. It kept me warm on very cold nights, and I threw it off in the spring, only to retrieve it for winter. It's a very large and heavy quilt, and always reminded me of family, home, and love.

I loved the woman who created that quilt. I loved the two babies conceived underneath that quilt. I loved the boyfriends who slept under that quilt with me. I loved its weight keeping out the cold. It wrapped me in the life I love.

Now I've sent it on to one of the children created under the loving touch of that family blanket. Mary, it's now your quilt, and your loving story to create. I give it to you grateful for my family, and grateful for the bonds, whether tenuous or strong, that still move the human heart.