Monday, September 8, 2008

Dr. Bonecrusher

I go to a chiropractor. His name really isn't Dr. Bonecrusher. A week ago, I pulled my back out, and could not bend without sharp shooting pains erupting out of my eyeballs, and a deep unconscious moan of pain emanating from my depths. I could stand, I could sit, but anything else was a mess. I went to see the good Dr., and he provided immediate relief. I still hurt a lot, but I could move, which was a great improvement over my previous state.

Today, he had me on his table. "Take a deep breath, breathe out." And with that he crunched my spine. The first time he did this (many months ago), it was decidedly unpleasant, but I'm used to it, and I can hear the cracking noise.

He also did this twisting action with my head and neck. He held my head firmly and sharply twisted it. It, too, was accompanied by a pleasing, cracking noise. A nagging fear is that he's going to do that someday, and my head will just pop off into his hands. Then what am I going to do?