Friday, February 13, 2009

Tim's to Blame for This Post

Tim's been out on the Internet Highway, discovering all kinds of anthropological gems. To wit:

I just found out my blogger and bear codes. This really isn't a good idea, but what the heck?

Bear Code (laughable?): B3 dvc-- e++ f- g- k+ q r s+ t

Blogger Code (I'm lying): B9 D+++ T++ K S-- F- I++ O++ X+++ E+++ L C-- Y1 R+ W P++ M5 N-- H--

Obviously, the Bloggers have it over the Bears in terms of technical innovation. After all, if you are a blogger, you only have to click a link! I guess the Bears are still in their caves, invading each other's personal space. Hello!! - it is winter here. Here, manually decode my bear code. You tell me, am I a bear? Both of these are so last century anyway, which only indicates how far behind the times Tim really is. And with a Mac!