Friday, May 29, 2009

So How Well Do You Know Happy?

So I did this silly quiz on Facebook. How well do you know me?

  1. What is Happy's favorite food?
    1. Fried Potatoes
    2. Potato Salad
    3. Mashed Potatoes
    4. Baked Potatoes
    5. Scalloped Potatoes

    Obviously, I like potatoes, but what kind of potatoes. It's actually pretty much a toss-up between Happy's Famous Potato Salad, and Happy's Fried Potatoes, but the potato salad edges out the fried potatoes. The Scalloped Potatoes (March 8, 2009) are pretty wicked, too.

  2. What is Happy's favorite activity?
    1. Bronc Riding
    2. Jello Wrestling
    3. Oboe Playing
    4. Potato Cooking
    5. Square Dancing

    Okay, I threw this in as a bonus answer. If you missed this answer (Square Dancing), you really don't know me.

  3. Who does Happy most admire?
    1. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    2. Abraham Lincoln
    3. Mahatma Gandhi
    4. Harvey Milk
    5. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

    Truth be known, I admire all of these people. I've read their biographies and was moved by their stories. One of these men aspired to the be very least among all, and lead his nation to independence through his sheer moral authority. Come to think of it, all of these men had tremendous moral authority. My answer is Mahatma Gandhi.

  4. Which place does Happy consider his hometown?
    1. Normal, IL
    2. Moscow, ID
    3. Potlatch, ID
    4. Kennewick, WA
    5. Wheaton, MD

    All of these places I would feel privileged to have as my hometown. They all played an important part in my growing up and my life. Moscow, though, is where I grew up and first started exploring my world. My favorite newspaper headline comes from Normal: "Normal Man Marries Oblong Woman." Oblong is a little town in Illinois.

  5. What did Happy want to be when he grew up?
    1. President of the United States
    2. a Medical Missionary
    3. a Chef
    4. an Astronaut
    5. a Lawyer

    At one time or another, I wanted to be all of these things (except an astronaut). But the one that really rang my chimes was medical missionary. I read a biography of Dr. Albert Schweitzer when I was eight or so, and I was hooked.

  6. What is Happy's secret desire?
    1. to dance C3A
    2. to visit Thailand
    3. to marry Ron
    4. to master Portuguese
    5. to move to New Mexico

    I've discussed all of these with friends and hangers on at one time or another, but the one thing I'd really like to do is to master Portuguese. I guess it's now no longer a secret desire.

  7. What most informs Happy's spirituality?
    1. Radical Faerieism
    2. Mormonism
    3. Episcopalianism
    4. Buddhism
    5. The Big Bang Theory

    All of these, with the exception of Buddhism have influenced my spirituality, and I think that all of these have important values, but the one that has mostly affected me is the Big Bang Theory (and not the TV show, although it is great television, and Ron reminds me of Sheldon. I can't wait for the second season to come out on DVD). Belief is an explanation of the inexplicable, and I believe the Big Bang Theory best explains that.

  8. Happy considers himself:
    1. a Control Queen
    2. Machiavellian
    3. Laid Back
    4. Analytical
    5. Cautious

    This is a trick question. I'm asking this from my interior perspective. And I really do consider myself "Laid Back" no matter what the objective evidence shows.

  9. Which of the following is false?
    1. Happy's Mom is his Aunt.
    2. Happy's first cousin is his twin brother.
    3. Happy's grandpa is his first cousin twice removed.
    4. Happy's Father's name is John.
    5. Happy's brother's name is John.

    This question is really better if you use the name my Mom calls me: John, rather than Happy. I really have a brother named John, which is why I like the name, Happy. And my Mom really is my Aunt, but my Father's name is Vernon.

  10. Happy is seen around town driving:
    1. a Toyota Prius
    2. a Toyota Corolla
    3. a Chevrolet Impala
    4. a Volkswagen Golf
    5. an Infiniti G35

    When I got married, we drove around in a Chevy Impala. Since coming to DC, I've driven both a Toyota Corolla, and an Infiniti, but I'm now prowling the streets with a Prius. Get the GPS installled. Ron and I talk to its disembodied voice, "Turn right at next corner then turn right...."

Now you pretty much know everything there is to know about me, and then some. After making up this quiz, then rereading it, I realize that nothing and everything has changed. It was a fun little exercise, and I hope you enjoyed it, too.