Friday, September 30, 2011

Moscow, Idaho

Mary's Favorite Butterbug

This is my last day in Moscow for a while. I get a little nostalgic knocking around town. It is always the same, but changes around the edges. The accretions happen slowly but relentlessly, and it's a very different town from what I left 34 years ago. I guess I feel 34 years older, too. (Not!)

I've had a nice trip out west. I spent an evening in Salt Lake City with friends, then last weekend in Rexburg, Idaho with my daughter and her family. I had a wonderful visit with them. She has a six-week old baby girl, and it was a pleasure to see the littlest one and all her brothers and sisters. I had forgotten what rambunctious kids were all about. It's pretty wonderful.

Josie at six weeks

Mary and I continue to get acquainted. We stayed up late talking about family, our lives, and everything else, too. I love her very much, and felt her love. She's married to Joe, and Joe is a peach. He's a loving, involved father and husband. They have seven children, and I'm grateful to get to know each one. I had a very special visit.

On Monday, I flew into Seattle, then drove over to Moscow. Mom and I have been having a good visit. She's getting much weaker, but other than her breathing is in pretty good health. This trip has a wistful air about it. I think we both know that we won't be having many more. I'm glad that we've had many years together. I'm grateful for the life she shared with Dad. I feel privileged that she chose to come into our family and be our step Mom. It was a difficult thing to do, and she did it very well.