Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Incest in the Caribbean

One of the enjoyable aspects of the sailing trip was that it was clothing optional, at least while we were out of port and sailing. I like to sail with nothing between me and the wind, and although I got badly sunburned early in the trip, I was naked most of the time.

A couple of the other guys were also clotheless a lot of the time. And when you are among eight gay men, some of them bareassed, well, the conversation gets into trash talk and not a little innuendo. And with this group of guys, that's exactly where it ended.

I was puzzled by this. I think the incest taboo had raised its head. We were a small enough group, that if something hadn't happened immediately, it wasn't ever going to happen, because no one wanted to rock the boat. We became family very quickly. And it isn't even that we bonded or anything, but we were in a tiny space with little privacy, and everyone had some ties with everyone else.

We hardly even touched or hugged each other. I found the behavior odd, because we are a bunch of gay men, and I really like the feel of another gay guy (just call me old-fashioned). We got around to hugging an hour and a half before we left the boat on the last day of the trip, and that was to say goodbye.

I would have liked to have flirted more effectively. I wouldn't have minded a little less talk and a little more trash, but one of the guys reminded me that just because we don't wear clothes doesn't mean that we have sex with each other. I'm frankly curious why it has to mean that.