Saturday, June 9, 2007

Capital Pride

The name of the festival says it all. This is a post-modern pride, one that doesn't even know its name. It's also a packaged pride, a corporate pride, an expensive pride. It's no longer a march through the streets. It no longer demands anything (except money). It has no anger, no fear, no innocence, no discovery, no shame.

A time was when we marched because we were angry. We walked because we were ashamed, and were going to do something about it. We walked for the joy and the discovery of other people like us. But that's probably not happening this year.

I'll be square dancing, of course, in the parade (a parade is different than a march). I guess I'd be more adjusted to Capital Pride if it were, instead, Inexpressible Happiness. That's the state that homosexuality leads to, and I'd like to celebrate that.


Tim said...

So long as we aren't immediately identifiable to each other and continually out on the street in some neighborhood (i.e. ghetto), there'll always be a place for coming together and checking each other out—checking each other out both generically (Oh, the dykes on bikes are still rolling, or, whatever happened to NAMBLA) and individually (as in I always thought so, or, hmm, never seen him before). If I were more fashion conscious, I might want to climb back into my closet also. As it is, I'm always happy to see others OUT!