Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Moscow Idaho, Day 1

I like Moscow. I like to come home and visit my Mom. But I have to admit that sometimes I get bored. I do a lot of walking here, and Moscow is a very walkable town. I love to walk around the university campus. It's a very beautiful place, particularly on a crisp fall day. I did that yesterday, dropping by the bookstores, the Women's Center, and the Commons.

Earlier in the morning, Mom and I had a set to about "the Illegals." Mom is afraid that they are taking over America. I'm afraid that she's reading way too many news magazines and listening to too much of Lou Dobbs.

I bought three books, one of which is The Rich Get Rich and the Poor Go to Jail. It's a sociology text. I going to send it to Mom when I finish reading it. Then I'm going to give her a test and ask her to write a term paper....

Last night, I cooked dinner, my famous eggplant (which only gets better each time I make it), Swiss chard, and brown rice. Simple, and if plated appropriately, elegant. Beer.