Monday, October 29, 2007

On the Road

I've been on the road since Friday. My sister, Grace, and I are visiting the Idaho Homeland, land of Larry Craig. We flew to Seattle and attended a square dance fly-in with the Puddletown Squares over the weekend, then drove across the mountains yesterday, and ended up in Moscow, Idaho.

The fly-in was great. Anne Uebelacker and Scott Zinser were the featured callers, and a whole bunch of talented GCA callers to boot. Saturday featured lots of Advanced dancing, and the evenings were taken up with high-energy, challenging Mainstream and Plus.

Grace has just started dancing Advanced. We got into very strong squares, and she did very well. Her mind got boggled briefly on Saturday afternoon, and she went to the Plus room. But we need another dancer to fill out a square, so we dragooned her back to the Advanced room. Square dancing is hot!

Yesterday driving across, Grace and I had some wonderful conversations about family, childhood, our lives. I'm very grateful for the family I have, and these trips do carry with them a mythic signficance. The weather has been beautiful, and the colors are gorgeous. There wasn't a tree between Seattle and here that Grace didn't want to get a picture. It's genetic.

We got here yesterday afternoon. Katherine was already fixing dinner. We chatted a couple of hours after dinner, then we all went to bed. I'm staying at a hotel in Pullman, and Grace is staying with Mom.