Monday, November 17, 2008

All Is Quiet on the Western Front

My hometown is Moscow, Idaho, which is a long ways away from anywhere. I'm here visiting my Mom, and helping her take care of a number of errands that she doesn't want to load onto my sister. I have a sister, Katherine, who lives here in Moscow, and helps Mom out all the time, so I'm glad to pitch in and do some things around the house.

We've had a refrigerator and another oxygen machine delivered. We visited Mom's attorney, and tomorrow, I'm talking with her finance guy. Katherine had an art show at the university, so I went up to that, too, and it was very good. Yesterday, Mom and I went up to St. Maries to see Uncle Harry and Aunt Virgie. She made a wonderful chicken noodle soup, and Dutch apple pie. I truly enjoyed the stories and the card game. Last night, Katherine and I went to a new cocktail lounge, Mix, here in Moscow and had a nice long talk about life. I'm happy to be a part of this family.

So now, all the errands are pretty much wrapped up. Katherine, Mom, and I are going out to dinner tonight. All is quiet on the western front.