Wednesday, December 24, 2008

iPod = What I've Been Missing and Didn't Know It

For years, I've been observing other humans walking around with things stuck in their ears, and I just didn't get it. Some were in a trance state, others would chuckle from time to time, and then there were those whose bodies would be wracked with spasms. Why would I want that?

When Ron and I were in Mississippi, Alex gave me an iPod Nano. Yesterday, I got around to loading it (here's where it gets a little icky) with square dance music. Woo Hoo! I put on those tunes, summon seven phantoms, and I'm dancin'! We have a (smaller than optimal) space in our living room where I can singlehandedly square dance some singing calls. I can see the other dancers in my head, and the phantoms, so far, have been very cooperative, extremely talented dancers.

My next attempt will be to download Ira Flatow or Ira Glass.