Sunday, April 12, 2009

DC Diamond Circulate, II

Gee, time flies when you're having a good time. This square dance convention is just about history. I am suffering from extreme sleep deprivation, but all of my friends here assure me that they can't tell any difference. The dancing has been good (what little I've done), and this event is a combination high school reunion, family picnic, cruise bar dancefest all rolled into one.

My sister, Grace, couldn't attend because she's on a cruise in the Caribbean. Several people asked me where she was. We all agreed that she should have been here. This is a SCANDAL in my OWN FAMILY! I'm working on it, and I hope to have MY reputation repaired by next year. I'm not sure how CHEEZ DOODLE is going to repair HER reputation....

The entertainment turned out wonderful. The DC Different Drummers Swing Band is fabulous. Their music, the dance class, the energy of the dancers made it a perfect foil to the Honky Tonk Queen Contest. Which has its own history, quite separate from entertainment.

Last night, we had a country-western dance and a karaoke room. BJ Brown, the CW DJ, kept the energy up and the people moving. RJ, the karaoke guy, coaxed the best out the singers. Mein and I got up and sang a happily forgotten version of Happy Talk.

And the DC Cowboys, wow. The crowd pretty much stepped on their tongues and slobbered on the floor. I actually got to touch one of the hot, sweaty bodies, afterwards. The Cowboys danced two sets during the CW dance, and the crowd pretty much had a collective orgasm. At least the guys did.

I felt good about the entertainment. I think the dancers enjoyed it. I don't know if I want to manage events like this in the future, but it was a growing experience.