Monday, January 1, 2007

Family Business

I received an email, today, from one of my children. Vernon has added some new features to his family website, so he sent everyone an email. That simple act prompted me to go to the site and look at pictures, read articles, meander a bit through it.

I think I now have fourteen grandchildren, but I'm not completely sure about that. The family had a big wedding over the summer, plus an exciting family reunion, including a tour of a firehouse. The kids are growing up, and so are the grandkids. The oldest grandchild celebrated his seventh birthday this year.

I love these people dearly, and yet we are such strangers to each other. I am thankful that my son sent me an email. I'm deeply touched by it. I'm deeply touched by this mysterious family that sprang from me and from which I now live so far away. The fault of that and the fault line is probably mine. I have a lot of unexamined family business to take care of.