Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gay Square Dancing

This year has started off full tilt. Tim and I went off to Atlanta for the Hotlanta Squares "Promenade Down Peachtree, VI" held on Martin Luther King weekend. The Hotlanta Squares know how to do a fly-in. We had lots of dancing and lots of fun there. As a side adventure, Tim and I also went to the High Museum and saw the Morris Louis exhibit. It was quite a show, and the High is quite a museum. On another adventure, we discovered the gay mall in Atlanta. We were driving around, and Tim mentioned the Ainsley Mall as being gay. We checked it out, and sho' 'nuff, it's gay! We were so relieved!

This last weekend, DC Lambda Squares celebrated its 25th anniversary. We don't look that old. We had a wonderful evening with a fabulous dinner, a program full of memories, and some good, old-fashioned square dancing. Now how could you beat that for a Saturday night's entertainment?

Finally, Tim and I got back to John Marshall's club, the Phantom 8s. It's an Advanced club (straight, but open-minded), and John is a great caller. His mind is a little twisted when it come to square dance calls, but that's what we go for. Tim and I are pretty much becoming regulars there because the dancing is so good, and the people are so nice.