Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gay Camping

I just got back from a week at Camp Ramblewood, just outside of Havre de Grace, Maryland. My partner, Ron, and I attended the 13th IMEN Gathering. That's International Men Enjoying Naturism. Yes, we were in the buff, along with 170 other guys. So, you might ask, what do you do in the woods with 170 naked gay guys? The quick answer to that is that Ron gave a lot of massages, and I had a lot of heart-to-heart conversations with other guys.

Camp Ramblewood is a beautiful place to spend a week. We stayed in the Bates Motel, but that is no comment on the quality of the facilities. Food is definitely camp. It won't win any awards, but nobody got food poisoning, either.

The gathering featured lots of activities: lots of camper-lead discussions, heart circles, movies, massage, socializing around the swimming pool, cocktail parties, ice cream socials, disco, and (of course) square dancing.

For me, the wonderful thread that ran through the gathering was long, heartfelt conversations that I had with a number of men. They all had stories, and it confirms my sense that all of us have a unique vision, and a unique tale to tell. The wonderful part of it was that I heard their stories. Brokeback Mountain meets Birdcage.

Oh, there was sex, too. I wouldn't have wanted that any other way. It was pretty low-key. I met an older couple who acted like pubescent teenagers, and it gives me hope for my old age. I hope I can act like they did.