Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm on a Diet, Again

Like Oprah, I like food too much. She makes a lot of money and publicity off of her plight. I just suffer silently. Actually, I don't suffer at all. I just eat too much. I was discussing this with Tim, how I get OC about certain food "rituals." I know that I'm out of control, but am completely in the thrall of it, and I usually can't stop until the food is all gone. This is a little disturbing to me.

And like some other gay men that I know, I have body issues, too. I see myself as a fat guy. If you saw me, you'd probably laugh, because I'm not fat, but I can tell you where every little jiggle is on my body, and I feel fat. This usually is not a serious problem. I am immune to eating disorders because eating is my second most favorite activity. On the other hand, it makes dieting problematic.

So I'm cutting out sweets and starches, I'm ramping up the veggies, and I'm trying to be a little moderate at the dinner table. Tim's secret weakness is cashews. My secret weakness is food. I just have to learn to manage my mania.

All of my boyfriends know, you never want to interrupt me when I'm eating. It can get ugly.