Friday, April 13, 2007

Dave Boss

Sometimes a small town is rocked, and an ineffable sadness seeps into the early spring. Dave's friends wake up one morning, and a life is gone, a world is smaller than it was, and everything has changed.

Dave was a student, a history major, at the University of Idaho ready to graduate this spring. He was murdered in his apartment in Moscow Idaho around midnight on March 30. His alleged assailant, John Delling, evidently knew him, stalked him, then killed him with two gunshots to the head. A Boise State University student, Bradley Morse, was killed two days later, and evidence points to the same assailant, who has been arested.

I didn't know Dave. The only connection I have with him is that I attended the University of Idaho. I receive a weekly letter from the university, and it mentioned Dave's death. Although I don't know him, his death hit me in the gut. His murder was so senseless. I found a link to his MySpace page and read the comments of his friends, poignant, painful notes from the men and women who knew him and loved him. I hope they find rest and peace. I mourn for Dave.