Monday, April 23, 2007

Twenty-four Years and Counting

Ron and I had some friends over yesterday for a potluck. The occasion was, in part, to celebrate our 24th anniversary. Now, I know that there is lots of controversy in the gay community about what constitutes an "anniversary." We've settled on the first time we set eyes on each other, then went out to dance. We didn't even get into each other's pants that night.

Both of us think that the years have flown by. For that I'm grateful. The way the world is going to hell in a handbasket, faster is better than slower. The time has been well spent. Ron is a sweetheart, and I'm fortunate that he and I have a life together. We still surprise each other, and we're still finding out about each other. I guess you're never too old to be surprised.

So, I'm now looking forward to the next 24. We'll be very crotchety by then, but perhaps we'll still surprise each other. I'll only be 80, so I'll still be young. And I hope that he'll be at my side.