Monday, April 9, 2007

Rate a Gay Date

Okay, I admit it, I go to those "men seeking men" Internet sites looking to get laid. I went today, made a "date" with a guy, and he was a total no show. I think the correct word for my mental state was "pissed," but it might have been "irritated." I'm not sure.

I gave the guy my phone number. He called me, and we made the necessary arrangements. Then he didn't show up, and he didn't call back, which I think is not only unmannerly, but cruel. I mean at my age, I'm grasping for any hope, and it gets dashed on a regular basis. I must have lost 50 self-esteem points today. So I guess I'm pissed rather than irritated.

So if he contacts me again, I'll make a date with him, and hope he shows up. He's half my age and very cute, so of course, I'll set myself up to be really pissed next time.