Monday, March 17, 2008

Cat Years


Mookie passed away last night. She was Perry's cat, rather Perry was her owner. She ruled his home with a firm but benevolent paw, and lived a very long and good life. My heart goes out to Perry, because I know that he was Mookie's devoted companion. Perry loved that cat, and Mookie in her reserved, queenly way, certainly loved Perry. They were a perfect couple for 15 years. Mookie, I won't hear your scamper on the stairs when I visit. And I won't experience you jumping on the table, and smelling my cup of coffee. I'll miss seeing you drink from the bathroom sink. Perry, I love you and Mookie. I know you miss her dearly. You're very much in our thoughts and heart.


pt said...

Thanks, sweet guy. I love this photograph! That she's looking away, not deigning to look at the photographer!

It's a beautiful tribute.

Love you,