Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot on CNN

Eliot Spitzer was all over CNN last night, rather his story was. The reporters were relishing it. Yes, Anderson Cooper, you were smirking a lot on camera last night.

Oh how the fall of the mighty is grist for the media. CNN at one point trotted out vignettes of Senator Larry Craig, President Bill Clinton, Governor Jim McGreevy, and Senator Gary Hart at their most embarrassing and memorable moments. Without calling Governor Spitzer a hypocrite, all of the bobble heads were calling Governer Spitzer a hypocrite. I understand that the Republican Senate leader in Albany is already crafting a scarlet letter for the governor.

The Guv was apparently caught up in a sting that included a wiretap on a high-priced business woman's phone. When Spitzer was a Federal Prosecutor he went after this kind of "corruption." What was this guy thinking? Duh! He didn't appear to be the target of the operation, but he's certainly getting the flack.

My take is that if the Governor can afford the (alleged) $4000/hour services, and the money came out of his pocket rather than the pocket of New York state taxpayers, hey, have at it! The private sexual shenanigans of politicians shouldn't be the public's business (unless, of course the politician is a hypocrite). And since when was sex worth $4000? Is this guy out of his mind? What's the qualitative difference between a $400 "date" (I wouldn't pay that much, either), and a $4000 date? There's only so much you can do in an hour. Inquiring minds want to know.


Tim said...

$400 vs $4000? There's some economic term for this. I've forgotten what it is but for now I'll call it the principle of chump-change negligibility indifference, CCNI. Anyone of any net worth is indifferent to transactions of some (relatively) minor value. A penny, e.g. Or a dollar. Ten dollars, etc.

If you're net worth is a million dollars, forty dollars may not be a big deal. Scaling up, if you're worth a hundred million dollars, four thousand dollars may be pretty expendable. No one, not even a billionaire, need maintain that the $4000 purchase is a hundred times better than the $40. It's enough that he think it better and that $4000 for him is chump change.

As for Eliot Spitzer, I want to know why anyone was wiretapping him and why, having heard about the prostitution ring, they thought it an appropriate item to pursue. Are these my Homeland Security Tax Dollars being dicked away!?

Happy said...

According to CNN last night, Eliot Spitzer was not being wiretapped, the call girl ring was being wiretapped. He just got caught up in it.