Thursday, March 6, 2008

Medical Center

Steve and Sundance
Steve and Sundance

Today, Steve and I went to the hospital for him to get some tests and some medicines. We took the Hummer, because we could. This is a hospital at the University of Colorado. It must be a great hospital because it has valet parking. I think this is really cool. I've never been to a hospital with valet parking.

Hospitals are long waits punctuated with pain, very old magazines, and lots of signs vying for patients' attention. The air is sporadically filled with announcements paging doctors. People sit in the waiting room looking (and feeling) uneasy, waiting for their moment with the doctor. No loud chatter or laughter invades this space.

After Steve had been gone a while, he came back with a nurse or doctor who gave both of us some paperwork so that we could enroll in a family genetic study. Every page of the forms must be initialed, and one of the warnings stated that if the study caused any injury or disease, that the participant was responsible for any expenses. I signed up for the study, anyway.

Steve is on a different journey than I, and he's facing a lot of difficult issues. I was content and happy to spend a few hours with him at the hospital. He and his wife believe in the miraculous healing experience of a life with God through Jesus Christ. I'm praying for Steve's complete recovery.