Saturday, November 3, 2007

Yesterday's Adventure

Yesterday was pretty full, puttering around Moscow. After taking Katherine to lunch, all of us (Mom, Grace, Katherine, Karen, and I) clambered into the jeep, and set about exploring Moscow. The town's population hasn't increased that much, but subdivisions have sprouted everywhere. I suppose the families are getting smaller as their houses are getting much larger. We also visited Moscow's first (and only) roundabout.

We also went out to Katherine's studio in Uniontown. She's preparing for a show in a couple of weeks. The Barn (where her studio is located) has an exhibition of collaborations among the various artists with studios there. Of course, the piece I really liked cost $3000 and was far to big to fit in the living room. Lucky Ron.

We ended the day at Katherine's. She cooked a fabulous dinner, and we all reminisced a lot. Karen supplied two kinds of ice cream that when mixed together tasted like Girl Scout Samoas.