Friday, August 1, 2008

Cool Off This Summer!

We're looking for a new refrigerator, and I'm beginning to do the research. We have one of those old Westinghouse workhorses, and RJH 42, which has been in the kitchen since 1967. It is an original appliance. It works well. We have no complaints, but we're thinking now about energy efficiency. That refrigerator costs us about $200 more in electricity than we would get with a more efficient model. The down side is that the older fridge will never wear out.

Normally I like tight holes, but the hole for the fridge is a little too tight. These days, refrigerators are bigger, taller, wider. We'll have to go with an 18 cu ft model. The kitchen can accommodate a fridge that no more than 66-1/8" tall, which is about an inch and half to small. So we're really limited in models and styles.

I went to the appliance store and talked with a salesman (Dan!). It looks like that by the time it gets all delivered and installed, it's going to run about $800 or so. The models vary in price by about $50, then there is the delivery charge, taxes, and probably some things that I don't know about. Dan would like to sell me a fridge, though.

Frigidaire is having a sale through the end of August that is knocking about $100 off of some of their models. I'll drag Ron to the store to look at models, then we'll order one, and wait for about a week. Then I'll have one more thing to cross off my list.


Tim said...

land o' goshen, maybe you'll inspire me!