Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wheaton Thai

Last night, Tim and I ate at Nava Thai, a new eatery that has the best Pad Thai in the neighborhood (although Ruan Thai afficionados might disagree). In fact, the immediate neighborhood boasts four Thai establishments: Suporns, Dusit, Ruan Thai, and Nava Thai. I've eaten at all of them, and all have their devotees.

When we first moved to Wheaton, the only Thai restaurant was an establishment call Thai Hut, which had blazingly hot curries, as well as just about everything else on their menu. Dusit now occupies that place. I like Dusit. It has well prepared food, but it's not too adventurous; nice atmosphere and relatively inexpensive drinks. I've had some nice meals there.

Suporns came to the neighborhood about sixteen years ago. Early on, it was a favorite, and we would eat there once a week. But bad times descended on the kitchen, and the food was disappointing. The restaurant has survived, and the food has improved. I guess I'm still a little burned by my earlier experiences, but we've been back several times, and it continues to be a neighborhood fixture.

It's difficult to say who's Pad Thai is the best: Ruan Thai or Nava Thai. You should try both versions! Ruan Thai has also been in the neighborhood a long time. Besides the Pad Thai, check out their other noodle dishes. They are consistently wonderful. Their curries are also very good.

Nava Thai is the newest restaurant on the block, and its food is delightful. You have try the Pad Thai. When the menu indicates that food is spicy, you better believe it. The restaurant also offers Fanta pop imported from Thailand. The Carbon Footprint has come full circle.

And Wheaton has lots of other wonderful restaurants, too: Hollywood East, Los Matamoros, Paul Kee, Royal Mile Pub, Kefi, Ferdinand's, Los Chorros, El Boqueron, and more chicken joints than you can shake a stick at. I hope all the redevelopment around here doesn't drive these eateries away, because they are a lot of the charm of this town. You can't beat the eats in Wheaton.