Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 Beckons

So the season of Presidential Politics culminates in a few weeks of winter frenzy in the Iowa permafrost and the New Hampshire arctic. I didn't like the Iowa results (I wanted Hillary Rodham Clinton to clean up there). I'm hoping for a New Hampshire victory, but I think her message of experience may be no match for Barack Obama's message of change.

Okay, so I contributed to both campaigns. My nephew was raising money for Obama, and was hitting up his family and friends. I also sent some money to the Clinton machine. Barack may have my soul, but Hillary definitely has my heart and my head.

The Republican result is pretty dreadful. All I need in the White House is a fire-breathing fundamentalist populist. Yes, Mike Huckabee, I'm one of the elite East Coast "Chattering Classes." Your foreign policy pronouncements are scary, your social policies are despicable, your tax policies are unworkable. But those Iowa voters love you. I hope New Hampshire voters take a harder, longer look.

Not that I think Mitt Romney is much better. Here's a man who can't make up his mind about his stand on virtually every political position that he has taken since he entered politics. For a man who claims moral character, he certainly engages in a lot of double-talking. His attack ads don't say much about his civility, either. So, John McCain, I'm looking for you to take out both Huckabee and Romney in New Hampshire.


Butterkhup said...

au contraire, I hope Mahout Huckabee rides an elephant stampede into St Paul so that on Nov. 4 the country can cathartically repudiate the Religious Wrong!