Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We Didn't Get Hit by a Drunk Driver

Why I'd rather go to a gay New Year's Eve Party...

The New Year's Eve party was quite festive. The hosts go over the top decorating for Christmas (one is a window designer at a department store, and knows how to out-Stewart Martha). Lots of goodies were in abundance. This isn't a party where you need to go home hungry.

Brian picked up Charlie. The two of them got acquainted during a hygienic maneuver in Charlie's bathroom. From Charlie's house, the two came and picked us up, then off to Langley Park/Silver Spring to whisk away Kelly to a delightful night in Arlington.

We got to the party around 10:15. Fewer guys attended this year, but I think the quality was up. The hosts have a very efficient operation, drop the food off in the kitchen, then undress in the bedroom. Some guys actually do look better with their clothes off.

This party is the only social event of the year where I see a lot of the guys, so I had to make the rounds and say hello. Not a lot of attitude here, and the occasional grope was welcome. My tattoo is always a big hit.

In past years, the making out and sexual play usually didn't begin until 11:45 or so. This year, the play-by-play action started around 10:30. I let three different guys tackle me in the bedroom. I'm that much of a tight end! A couple of the guys were studly hot, but very very charitable. In the past, the scoring usually ended around 12:15. This year, at least one run into the end zone was in play when we left at 2.

Charlie has a reputation with many of the guys, even though this was the first time that he had attended this particular party. He has organized some of the nudist activities in the area, and the guys know him for his infamous poker games. He's a very funny, happy guy, and not the least bit shy. I'm really glad he came with us. Brian and Kelly were also big hits, as well they should be. Kelly got tackled during the fourth quarter.

Ron stuck with civilized conversation and sampling the New Year's spread in the dining room. His eyes may have roved, but nothing else did, he reported. I guess he was looking for great food and conversation, and I was just looking for meaningless sex.

I enjoy this party and love the hosts. Whether you played, watched, or ate canapes, it was a fabulously gay evening.