Sunday, June 15, 2008

Every Blog Is about Father's Day

And I guess this one is no exception. Ron and Perry both said Happy Father's Day to me, and that was touching. I'm thinking more about Father's Day than I have in many years. I'm sure part of it was seeing my daughter and her family (for the first time). Another part was reading some blog entries on Box Turtle Bulletin of gay men writing about their memories of their dads - good supportive men who wanted their sons to be happy.

That's the kind of dad my Father was. I've written about him in my blog before. He was a very quiet humble, loving man who raised us well; to think critically, to be independent, to care for others. I'm pretty sure he succeeded much better with himself than he did with me! I miss him greatly as the years go by - I want to share a story or a letter. My memories of him are very tender, and I'm grateful for his love and his example.

I've been sorting through photos of our family reunion. I've uploaded all of my sisters' photos and am working through my own. It's nice to be with family, and it's nice to be back home. I miss Dad not being there. I also missed my brothers, Frank and Steve, and hope that two years hence, they can join us in Colorado. And Mom, I missed you during the reunion, but was really happy to see you before and after.

So this Father's Day, I'm very much thinking of my family and grateful for whatever presence they have in my life. Our situations are very different, and our circumstances often change quickly. I hope for the patience, flexibility, and means to be a good and loving brother and son.

And for Ron, Perry, and Tim, I'm so grateful for my Band of Brothers who care for me and love me. You guys are my very special family and have added so much love and fabulousness to my life.