Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Have Gas

Rather my Mom had too much gas! It seems that my sister washed and gassed up my Mom's car last night, and the gas pump didn't turn off. Ummm, gas everywhere. More to the point, Mom's gas tank was filled completely, and she was worried that when the day warmed up, the gas would expand, and she'd have gasoline all over her carport.

That's where her dutiful gay son (SuperGay) sprang into action. I went over to Mom's about 6:15 this morning, she handed me the keys, and I took off on a very scenic drive north on US-95 almost out to the Palouse junction. I drove past the house I lived in during high school. The land is so green, the sky was a ghostly gray, and tendrils of fog descended down the hills into the fields, creating a scene out of some movie featuring elves and a Druid or two. Spooky.