Monday, June 23, 2008

Iron Man - I Want to Date This Guy!

Ron and I went to see Iron Man yesterday. Robert Downey, Jr. is the best badboy with a heart of gold. Check out Mr. Iron Man, and imagine having sex with his tool! This is so beyond geek. When Tony Stark suited up, well, I had a virtual moment. This guy is so hot, so sleek, and designer colors, too. And so gay. Did I say gay?

Let me count the ways: he had a distant father. He plays with toys that are long, slender, and deliver a payload. His best friend wears a uniform. He has commitment issues with women (although the sex scene, while rather hot was disappointingly short). The hair on the back of Tony's head curls counter-clockwise (just kidding).

Gwyneth Paltrow should win an Oscar for her portrayal of Pepper Potts. She delivers the movie's best lines. She is strong, vulnerable, smart, and unsure. Pepper and Tony are twins separated at birth, but reunited in life. Downey and Paltrow have some great chemistry. It's a treat to see them on the screen together.

This is a wonderful summer film. I recommend it for gay men everywhere. I think lesbians would like this film, too, because Pepper is not difficult to look at. The movie delivers a message, too: war is evil, and the world has evil men who want power for their own ends. Tony is transformed in the movie from an irresponsible (but brilliant) playboy to a patriot. And the Iron Man, well, he's just cool through and through.