Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Caller Crazy

Here at GCA Caller School, I've been having a lobotomy performed on me the last couple of days, in addition to heavy doses of caller Kool-Aid, and a couple of Cosmopolitans (we're talking Spin Chain and Exchange the Gear kind). My brain is fried, but I'm understanding a couple of basic notions, that if I applied them, would have me working with basic square dance choreography in fairly short order. I ask myself, though, do I want my life to be taken over by square dancing, doh! it already is!!!

The school has been good. We've all been given some experience behind the mic. I get extremely nervous up there. Dancers shout out, "Happy, smile!" And that probably more than anything else illustrates my angst. I'm shy. Down inside, I don't like to do anything that isn't perfection, so I have a very difficult time practicing in front of other people, because I'm afraid of making an ass out of myself, even though that is perfectly all right. Performance anxiety, here, but I hope to get used to it.

Well, I'll quit complaining. I have some sequences to write before I hit the sack.