Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This President Disgusts Me

Today, the Washington Post published an article about how political operatives of the President politicized the appointment process of U.S. Attorneys and Immigration Judges. I read this story, and was disgusted. The President and his cronies seem to think that the weight of the law applies to terrorists, but not to their own dismantling and subversion of our justice system. These evil people hold themselves to a completely different standard than everyone else. They think they are beyond the reach and judgment of the rest of us.

Monica Goodling and D. Kyle Sampson should be criminally prosecuted for what they did. It appears from evidence and witnesses within the Department of Justice that these two knew that they were breaking the law. Former attorney general Alberto Gonzalez claims that he had no idea (or maybe he forgot!) that this kind of criminal activity was going on. This administration knows no principle of accountability. It makes no apologies for engaging in criminal activity.

In other blog entries, I've advocated the impeachment of the President. Nothing that was printed in the Washington Post today has changed my mind. This man, his vice president and his coterie have got to go, the sooner the better. I really think that January 20 is too late.