Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday at Camp

The new meat arrived yesterday afternoon. I have heard a lot of interesting conjecture (DIRT) at the pool about some of the recent arrivals. Is the young fellow who is pushing the elderly gentleman in the wheelchair a nurse or boyfriend? He did not appreciate me talking to his companion. The Bigg Dogg here turns out to be a complete pussy bottom - likes to bareback hhhmmmmm. Which S&M top savaged an engaging DC consultant's hole last night in the "Play" cabin?

We again had twelve guys out for square dancing. John gave me an opportunity to call, and I' m very grateful for that. I'm working on some additional sequences foe tonight.

In other news, one of the guys played a CD of a recent piano recital. I'm not much of a music critic, but I enjoy listening to pieces with which I am not familiar. Afterward we had about a 15-minute discussion that helped me better understand both the music and the performance.

The evening show featured a puppiteer, John Foreacker. He had some great jokes and music. His puppets had rather delightful (filthy, really) pottie mouths. The humor did not cause me to pee in my pants - I wasn't wearing any - but there were a few "I can't believe I heard that" moments. We should all be gay.

While I was at the pool this morning, one of the Canadians indicated that he wanted to do more than have polite conversation with me. We left singly, then met at the Play Cabin for an intimate experience punctuated by very impolite conversation. I'm recovering, writing this in my cabin. I think my Mountie could give my proctologist a few tips.


Michael said...

This explains why you've not been at the gym all week - doh!
Enjoy your workouts while away.
We'll have to do sushi next week.