Thursday, July 24, 2008

False Advertising

I'm guilty of false advertising, no not on my ManHunt profile, on my Evite invitation for Saturday's barbeque. I lied. I told the guys it would be a barbeque. It's not! It's only a cookout, and I betcha that they won't even notice!

Oh, there will be plenty of beef and pork products. And for the delicate or environmentally inclined (or just diet conscious), I'm featuring veggie burgers. I love shopping for these things. So much stuff I can buy in the store! I'm excited about this picnic. And guys just keep on responding to the invitation. I'm looking forward to this. It features a mix of dancers, sailors, old flames, and men that I do not know.

Of course, I dragged Tim and Perry into this, too. Tim's coming over to help me set up, and Perry doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be an official hostess, since Ron isn't available to fill that role. Besides, Perry's bringing dessert, possibly the most important part of a cookout.

So why did I advertise this thing as a barbeque? I think that in my addled brain I confused cookout with barbeque, and I plainly know the difference. Well, you can fake it somewhat by adding obnoxious barbeque sauce to the meat while cooking it, but it ain't barbeque just because it has sauce. Any Idaho Country Farmboy can tell you that.