Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Navel Gazing

I trimmed the hair around my navel. Do straight men clip hair in their hidden places, places that get covered up by shirts, pants, and other apparel? I figure I keep the hair on the top of my head and on my chin trimmed, so it doesn't seem too odd that I would trim other hairy parts.

I hadn't done a thorough trim job in several weeks, so today seemed like a good time to do it, and I actually enjoy shaving off the hair. After the week with a couple of hundred gay men, I know how unruly a long tangled thicket of crotch hair looks, not tasteful at all! The hair on my chest was beginning to get in the way, too, this from a guy who had no hair on his chest until he was nearly forty. Well, the hair is growing, and spreading, too. Eyebrows, don't forget the eyebrows. I used a comb and some barber scissors to trim them back; no Andy Rooney look here.

It never seems to end. Hairiness is a continuing maintenance issue. Understand that I don't mind hairy men at all; in fact the furry touch can be very comforting. I think it was my breeding - I'm striving for just the right amount of hair for me: not too much on my head, enough on my chest so that I don't look like I was born yesterday, some swirls across my stomach, because I really enjoy furry stomachs, and a well-trimmed bush because I don't want my penis to get overheated when I go out in the summer sun.

All of these observations bring me back to my original question about straight men and hair grooming. Some guys at the gym are pretty unkempt, but I've seen some very fastidious guys there, too, and I'm pretty sure that these guys are not on my team. I suspect lady friends in their lives influence their hair choices. I'm guessing that straight guys probably don't trim their pubic or chest hair, unless they are extremely hairy. They are probably even less inclined to shave their scrotums or places south. I don't shave there for looks, I just like the feel of it. I don't talk to straight men about these things, but I'm very curious.