Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Back in Wheaton

Ron and I drove back from Camp Ramblewood this morning, getting back home shortly after noon. It's good to be back home after fourteen days away. I'm doing lots of laundry.

I had a good time at the gathering. Both of us have decided to go back next year. I really didn't do a lot at camp except square dance every evening. I hung out with one of the dancers, and he and I usually hit the disco, the Play Cabin, and the campfire after square dancing. So I was usually getting back to my cabin about 2:30 or 3 a.m., which might explain why I was feeling like a zombie part of the time.

I helped out with keeping the various coolers full of sodas, water, and beer. One of the board members and I went around every morning restocking, and then today we went around gathering up all that was left in the coolers. It took an hour or less in the morning, and it was one of those little jobs that makes a big difference in how people enjoy the gathering. I enjoyed the time with the board member. We had some interesting discussions about life, cosmic stuff that you can talk about this year, then bring it up again next year.

Oh, and yes, I did play around with a couple of the other guys. I had been hanging out around the massage room, waiting for one of the other campers, when two of the guys hauled me off to the Play Cabin yesterday morning. They touched my inner being in a thoughtful, efficient, and thorough manner that left me and them sweaty, sticky, and satisfied, at least for the moment. I'm pretty certain, I'll be seeing more of those two next year, too, at least that's what they told me. That's what friends are for.

Finally, two men from my past were also at camp. Brian's ex, Jim, attended with his partner, Tim. It was very nice seeing Jim again. Ron and I hadn't seen him for several years. I also was happy to meet Tim. Certainly, other campers enjoyed meeting Jim and Tim, too. Jim's as bubbly and fun as ever. Tim's a little shy, but he'll get used to us....

The other blast from the past was Bruce. I knew him when I lived in Richland, Washington, twenty-seven years ago. We picked up where we left off a quarter century ago. From what I could see, Bruce definitely made an impression on several campers, and he went home with some memorable experiences. I hope he can wipe the smile off of his face.