Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dance Weekend

Michael, Mein, and I are merrily dancing our way through Challenge 1. So far it's been a very good weekend, but I'm exhausted, and I notice that my concentration is waning. We stayed up too late last night.

On our way up here, we studied many of the calls, and that's really helped us stay ahead of the weekend, but we've reached the end of the calls that we've reviewed, so we are going to experience a lot more mental duress in the next day and a half. The weekend has been very intense.

When we get back to DC, we're going to try to arrange a couple of sessions to get us through the complete C1 list, and to review all the calls. Of course, we'll be dancing in the C1 room at Rehoboth.

During this weekend, Michael has been dancing girl with me. It has thrown some of the other dancers off a bit. They just don't expect to be dancing with a girl with a beard, I guess.