Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm bad for being organized (work was my great organizing principle), so today I made a list of about seven things I needed to get done. I've finished three of them, and I've done some other things that weren't on my list, but were pleasant distractions, anyway.

Not on my list: I wrote an email to my sister, just because it was fun, and I like staying in touch with her. Not on my list: I made some chicken soup. It's a cloudy, gray day here, and chicken soup seemed like just the ticket to make my world sunny again. We had some soup for lunch, and more is ready for dinner. A big plus is a lot of stuff from the veggie drawer in the refrigerator went into the soup. I had fun making it.

Visiting Dr. Bonecrusher wasn't on my list either. I joked with his staff out front, and he beat me up, again. It's weird, chiropractors (and he's pretty good) have to make some things hurt. I think it's in the cards. I don't mind it too much; I think it's more my response to manipulation than anything else.

I still have some square dance stuff to do. I also want to review the C-1 calls. The moral of today's blog entry is that lists do keep me focused, as long as they aren't too long, and as long as I have some other distractions to take my mind off my lists.