Sunday, April 6, 2008

Perry Has a New Man in His Life

We went out to dinner last night with Perry, and had a chance to meet the new man in his life: Charley. Charley is eight years old and weighs 16 pounds, a big ol' middle-aged cat. He's very friendly, and didn't mind the introductions at all.

Over dinner, we mused some about Mookie, Perry's recently departed cat. She was very different in temperament and stature than Charley. She was much smaller, and very regal, not a good ol' boy at all. She ruled with an iron-but-velvet paw. So I'm looking forward to getting better acquainted with the new guy in the neighborhood.

We ate at the Austin Grill in downtown Silver Spring. The atmosphere is young family-friendly. The wait staff's average age appears to be something between 10 and 14. We had a very solicitous waiter who always disappeared about the time we wanted to order something or had a question, not that there's anything wrong with that. I do not recommend the pecan pie, although the Joe Ely combo, while perhaps too much food, tasted swell.

So this is what gay men do on Saturday nights in Silver Spring, Maryland.