Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day Three

Today is gray, and I'm exhausted. We have had a long weekend, and will be ending our dancing weekend with a short session before lunch. I think that's okay, considering that my brain is very fragile today. Ken Ritucci has been our instructor. He's very upbeat and supportive of the class. Many of the class members already know C1, but are taking this as a refresh, but Ken has been teaching it for beginners.

We won't get through the whole list, but we are far enough through it that we'll be able to pick up the remaining 20 or 30 calls on our own, then continue with the Wednesday Night Workshop, or with the Ettseteras. In any case, I'm going to continue with this. Michael is ready to organize an all-day C1 workshop to before convention. He, Mein, and I have been pleased with the weekend, but want to finish up the list and continue to dance C1.

Mein has been taking lots of photos and videos of our weekend. We are thoroughly documented. I'm sure that one or more pictures will appear, magically, on the DC Lambda Squares front page. Mein danced the weekend with Marion, so he was a boy all weekend. Michael was my partner. The gender thing was throwing a lot of the men dancers. They'd look at Michael and freak. I think he looks pretty girly. Especially the beard.

As for Poughkeepsie, we never made it to downtown. We're well acquainted, though with the strip malls between here and the dance hall. We've have a couple of very nice meals. We've mostly hung out at the hotel (The Poughkeepsie Courtyard Marriott). Each night after dancing, some of the dancers have gotten together in Room 270 for beer, snacks, and square dancing lore. I don't know how these people stay up all night then dance C1 the next day. And some of them have two decades on me. Oh well.

Michael looked at the weather forecast for today, and I'm not enthused about the drive home. It looks like we'll be driving into heavy rainstorms all the way home. It will be a slow, wet slog.