Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tea, Enemas, and Men on Film

Okay, we've had sex, we're sitting on his couch drinking tea, and having this random conversation about the prep work involved in getting ready for sex. The tea was very good - I had green and he had peppermint to take care of some subtle congestion, of which he was aware, and I was not. The tea brought a warmth and shine to the moment. I had this flash, that this conversation should be recorded and put up on YouTube, and a lot of perplexed straight people would be wondering exactly how we were sticking what up where to do this before that in order to be... prepared.

He laughed, and we started our bad impressions of In Living Color's Men on Film, which lead to an illuminating discussion about gay stereotyping and self-inflicted victimization. I am so happy I am a gay man!