Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boulder at Last

The Thrifty guy's economy car this time, is a Jeep. In my book, that's better than a Hummer, but not much. I drove from Denver to Boulder in rain, not heavy, but the road was dark, and I wasn't real sure how to get here. That's never stopped me before.

When I got into Boulder, it was well after midnight, and I hadn't a clue how to get to my motel. I pulled into the first open gas station (gay men do ask for directions) and the nice woman behind the counter drew me a map and sent me on my way. It wasn't a very good map, and it was three stoplights instead of two. I figured that Boulder isn't so big that I wouldn't eventually find the motel, and I did.

I'm staying at a Quality Inn and Suites on Arapahoe Avenue. It's a very comfortable room decorated in Rocky Mountain style. I'm not exactly sure what that style is, but I recognize it when I see it. We're talking about fish and bears, dark browns, leathers, and wood grain everywhere, not to mention the mirror that is framed in faux tree branches. This is an upscale Quality Inn: the breakfast is the same (lacking), but the accommodations are just fine.

One scary note, this sign is outside my room: NOTICE - THIS PROPERTY IS LOCATED IN AN AREA SUBJECT TO SUDDEN AND SEVERE FLOODING. IN CASE OF FLOOD EMERGENCY BE PREPARED TO EVACUATE QUICKLY TO HIGHER GROUND. It's raining here, and has been all night. I'm on the ground floor. Is this the beginning of a bad TV movie starring me in my final role?

Sudden Death
Sudden Death