Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just in Case You Didn't Know...

I was married 35 years ago today in Logan, Utah. My, how circumstances change. Ron and I are at the University Best Western in Moscow, Idaho. We arrived yesterday, after various adventures with Frontier Airlines and Thrifty Car Rental at the Spokane, Washington airport (GEG). Happily, Ron was there to protect and defend, and my blood pressure remained in check (I think).

So I have several pieces of advice for gay men: You probably should think twice before getting married. Be prepared for "minor" flight delays on Frontier Airlines. Read the fine print on your rental car contract. We discovered that where we wanted to go was outside the franchises driving area, so we had to wangle a different contract. The information is available online, but in VERY FINE PRINT (as the representative admitted) and it's on a LINKED page, rather than the regular contract page.

As I mentioned, Ron did his best to calm me down, and get me back to my happy (yeah, right) self.

We did some fearless driving and saw some beautiful thunderheads. I took a back road between Colfax and Palouse Washington on the way to Moscow. It's this winding, beautiful country road, and I wonder (sometimes) why I ever left. (See, above, the first sentence of this blog entry.)

We got to Moscow just in time for dinner. Mom is in good spirits, and very happy to see us. We had a nice visit with Mom and Katherine, then we came back to the hotel and crashed.

Pictures. I promise.