Monday, May 12, 2008

I've Been Bustling Around

I'm off to Colorado this evening to visit Steve and Lesley, but I have lots to do before I go. I've already run two loads of wash, and I'm packing (lightly - a duffel and a backpack). The weather is not too promising right now; I'm hoping that I have no flight cancellations or delays. I'm getting into Denver very late, as it is.

The weather has been nasty. A ManHunt buddy was supposed to come over for play last night, but the stormy weather scared him off. I gave him a raincheck. That's the other thing about these trips out of town, I miss the boys at home. I'm sure the men of Boulder have their own charms, but I like the warmth of familiar arms.

I'm missing Ett's C1 club tonight and John Marshall's Advanced club tomorrow (and a Harvest Festival Hoedown committee meeting on Thursday (pity)). I'm taking my computer, and I'll be on the TAMinations web site reviewing C1 calls. I promise.

I'm looking for Ron to make his morning appearance, shortly. Then, we're off to Dr. Bonecrusher. Originally, I had a 9 a.m. appointment, and Ron at an 11 a.m. appointment, but I think they both got changed to 11 a.m., at least that's what the receptionist said as I left the office last Monday. I may try to get in a gym workout, too, but that's not looking too good. I haven't decided how to get to the airport, probably by Metro if I can cajole Ron into taking me to the Wheaton station. I hate getting places by plane, but it's better than walking.