Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Silver Daddies

ManHunt, move over. I'm checking out Silver Daddies! I'm never sure whether to be giddy, appalled, or dejected when I go to Internet hookup sites. Certainly, it's the easiest place to see assorted body parts (lots of headless torsos, and miscellaneous penises). I even question my own motives for having profiles on these sites. Admittedly, part of it is the excitement of new meat. But I really have to say that the most exciting sex I have is usually much closer to home.

These sites offer a platform for male fantasy, irrational male fantasy. I mean, fantasy not supported by fact or experience. For example, there's the guy who demands a face pic, but doesn't have one in his profile. What's that about? There's the 54 year old who is interested in guys up to age 28. How many hits does he get on his profile? Virtually every profile on ManHunt says the guy is into group scenes, but mention an orgy and most guys get queasy quick. Finally, with some of those pics that guys post, where is the fantasy? We're talking about some major buzzkill here.

Okay, I'm through complaining. I will say this about Silver Daddies, I'm certainly seeing more of myself, there, and I like that. On ManHunt, I'm an outlier. On Silver Daddies, I'm in the middle of the pack.