Sunday, May 11, 2008

Brian, Kent, and Michael Are the Consummate Hosts

I have no idea why we say "consummate" host, although in the context of the Three Marys*, consummate might be appropriate. I'll leave that up to etymologists, social historians, and the denizens of the religious right who are protecting sacred marriage between one man and one woman.

When Michael, Kent, and Brian host a workshop, they always have a lot of food. It isn't necessarily gourmet food (although gourmet items always appear on the spread), but it's great energy food to keep troops moving over long distances while carrying heavy equipment. Today, Kent baked a vegan gluten-free cake. It had mysterious marks on the top, about which he was questioned, perhaps Satanic rituals? No, simply the cooling rack, at least that's what he told us. Truth? Or fiction? You decide.

Michael, bless his heart, showed up with coffee. He knows that my attention deficit order kicks in when I square dance. He's classy, too, because he uses a tray under the coffee service. How about that? I haven't seen that since well before my mother died.

Between today's tips - we did dance - I perused the library. I was intrigued with the title, Greek Homosexuality. Isn't that a little xeno- something? I mean, what about Bulgarian homosexuality? Why do we always pick on the Greeks? And what is French passive, anyway? Does Sarkozy look passive? Is he even French? What do they call it in Poland? I wonder what Mrs. Sarkozy thinks about the Poles and the Italians.

My square dancing wasn't too bad. And some of the calls are beginning to sink in. I got stumped by the sequence Passover and Cross, then Roadkill. I didn't know that you could do Roadkill from a Passover and Cross ending formation, but it makes sense, if you think about it.

*From the French, Trois Maris, which when translated into Roman Catholic = Three Marys.