Friday, May 2, 2008

Rehoboth Bound

Gee, that headline almost sounds biblical. In any event, Tim and I expect to have an epic weekend in Rehoboth, regardless of Charlton Heston's demise. Chuck won't be there with his big stick. Instead, it will be Ben Rubright and Ett McAtee sticking it to us.

Okay, it's a gay square dance weekend - Pass the Ocean, a non-stop frolic - from Friday evening through Sunday noon. I expect my legs will be bloody stumps by the time we head back on Sunday afternoon.

For the first time in years, I'll be dancing a new level, Challenge 1. So all of you C1 dancers out there, beware, I'll be on the floor, breaking down your square. Some other people from DC Lambda Squares will be dancing with Mein, Michael, and I to shield the rest of the floor from the more disastrous effects of our newbie dancing. I'll have a full report on this on Monday.

Michael, Mein, and me at last weekend's C1 Workshop
Michael, Mein, and me at last weekend's C1 Workshop