Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ridden Hard, Soaking Wet

I wish, and often wishes come true. So after that episode, Ron is busy in the kitchen frying vegetables for a Moroccan Ratatouille - a recipe he found in the Washington Post. Ever since he retired, he has spent lots of hours in the kitchen, and I have been the chief beneficiary of his chopping, frying, and stirring. Ah, it's a very good life, considering the breadth of activities that have gone into today.

It seems that a lot of my life comes down to food and sex; well, food, sex, and square dancing. All three have their attractions, and sometimes, I get to blend all three into one seamless activity. I'll let you fill in the details. It can be done. I'm grateful to have some wonderful boys in my life who love great food, great sex, and one who's a great square dancer. I don't know whether you know, but square dancing is full of exceedingly sexy guys! Just pulling your leg!

Today's other simple pleasures included a visit to the Silver Diner, cutting herbs in Tim's herb garden, a gym workout, and a nice walk in the neighborhood. Yes, I can really get used to being retired. I think it's a great idea.


Anonymous said...

You used the term "frying" to describe what I was doing to the vegetables. Frying suggests cooking the vegetables in oil to produce a crispy product--a rather unhealthy procedure. I was actually sauteing or stewing. In the beginning, the vegetables were in a very small amount of oil and were sauteing; later, when liquid was added, the veggies were more correctly stewing. The final dish had very little oil in it. Thank you for allowing me to comment on this minor point. -- Ron

Happy said...